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Foreign Workers

Engaging Foreign Workers

Do you have problems looking for committed employees?

Are you unable to find local workers who want to take up your job offer?

Do you require workers to work shift and overtime willingly and without complaints?

Are you looking for someone to work on weekends and during the holidays?

Being one of the leading established employment agencies in Singapore since 2004, we have rich experience in providing manpower to the Manufacturing, Processing, Marine (Ship Building & Repairing), Construction, Healthcare & Hospitality sectors and other industries.

These categories include Professionals, Engineers, Officers, Skilled, Unskilled and Labor Staff.

Our overseas affiliates and accredited partners in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China will handle the preliminary screening and extensive evaluation of applicants (such as Drivers, Production Workers, Store man, Electrians, Mechanics & Cleaners, etc.) so that only the qualified are endorsed to our various principals and employers.  

They will also prepare and ensure the necessary documents & arrangements required for government clearance to ensure the prompt arrival of workers.

Our objective is to provide quality services at all times so as to obtain optimal customer satisfaction.

We aspire to assist all Foreign Workers to find good livelihood abroad so that they can provide a better living for their families back home.

Do feel free to contact us should you have any queries or need more information. We are committed to help you in every way that we can.

Our Services

We provide the following services (includes application process to the collection of work permit card).

  • Skilled/unskilled workers of any particular nature from Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China.
  • Arranging for interviews.
  • Ensuring the qualification of the employee and sending relevant certificates such as educational, training, experience, police report etc.
  • MOM Work Permit application
  • Arranging for medical check-up in native country before arrival.
  • Meet and clear the workers from immigration check points upon arrival and hand-over to client.
  • Medical check up in Singapore upon arrival
  • SEC Verification, CSOC and thumbprinting. (if applicable)
  • Collection of Work Permit Card
  • Mediation and counseling
  • Renewal and Cancellation of Work Permit
  • Repatriation of Workers and provide replacement
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